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2009Chemical constituents and biological activities of two endemic cephalaria species from dipsacaceaeKırmızıgül, Süheyla; Halay, Erkan
2006Detection of apolar constituents of some west anatolian plants By GC-MSKırmızıgül, Süheyla; Gök, Emrah
2005Glycoside isolation of Centaurea urvillei subsp. stepposa (Asteraceae) and its activitiesKırmızıgül, Süheyla; Böke, Nazlı
2010Isolation and structural determination of Cephalaria gazipashensis, Cephalaria elmaliensis and Cephalaria scoparia glycosides and their biological propertiesKırmızıgül, Süheyla; Böke Sarıkahya, Nazlı
2002Isolation, structural determination and biological activities of conium maculatumKırmızıgül, Süheyla; Yılmaz, Elif Gül
2007Isolation, structural determination and biological activities of some natural products from Campanula lyrata subsp. lyrata (campanulaceae) and Anchusa undulata subsp. hybrida (boraginaceae)Kırmızıgül, Süheyla; Koz, Ömer
2005Natural products and importance of biological activities of orobanche cernua (Orobanchaceae)Kırmızıgül, Süheyla; Türkay, Elçin
2008Phytochemical and biological activity studies on Acanthus hirsutus and Cephalaria paphlagonica speciesKırmızıgül, Süheyla; Çapanlar, Seval
2010Phytochemical studies on Cephalaria isaurica and Cephalaria stellipilis speciesKırmızıgül, Süheyla; Kayce, Peyker
2011Semi-synthetic studies on cephalaria lycica and cephalaria cilicica specisKırmızıgül, Süheyla; Tanrıverdi, Esin