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2006Analysis of carbamate pesticides by using HPLC with post-column derivatization systemHenden, Emür; Ertaş, Hasan; Silleli, Meliha
2003Determination and removal of arsenic in mineral waterHenden, Emür; Yiğit, Filiz
2004Determination and removal of arsenic species in drinking waterHenden, Emür; Deniz, Tülin
2003Determination and removal of arsenic species in thermal waterHenden, Emür; Yayayürük, Onur
2008Determination of selenium content of fruits and vegetables by AAS methodsHenden, Emür; Arsal, Seniha
2009Development of a metal ion optical sensorHenden, Emür; Aksuner, Nur; Başaran, Beyza
2008Development of new optical sensors for metal ion sensingHenden, Emür; Aksuner, Nur
2010Development of sorbents for arsenic removal from drinking waterHenden, Emür; Deniz Çiftçi, Tülin
2006Kromatografik pestisit tayini öncesi kullanılan örnek hazırlama işlemlerinin kıyaslanmasıHenden, Emür; Ertaş, Hasan; Karacaoğlu, Selma
2007Lead(II) ion imprinted polymer for solid phase extraction of leadHenden, Emür; Esen, Cem
2007Method development for online preconcentration of organic and inorganic mercury by the use of native wool minicolumn before atomic fluorescence measurementHenden, Emür; Tirtom, V. Nüket
2003Method development for selenium determination and application to biological and food samplesHenden, Emür; İşcioğlu, Beril
2006Method development for the determination of thiacloprid residues in hazelnutHenden, Emür; Ertaş, Hasan; Seydim, Güliz
2003Sorption based preconcentration and determination of lithium and thorium using thorin as ligandHenden, Emür; Demirdöğen, Ruken Esra