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2002Biosensor development and voltammetric applicationsErtaş, F. Nil; Öztürk, Gülsiye
2003Centri-voltammetric determination of Pb(II) by using Al(OH)3 and amberlite XAD-7 resin as carrier precipitateErtaş, F. Nil; Anık Kırgöz, Ülkü
2007Chemometric approach to voltammetric determination of aluminum in saline samplesErtaş, F. Nil; Eroğlu, Ahmet E.; Yılmaz, Sinan
2007Chemometric evaluation and optimization of blood alcohol determination by using gas chromatographyErtaş, F. Nil; Ertaş, Hasan; Öztürk, Pembe
2010Chemometrical approach to determination of pesticide residues from plant samples by accelerated solvent extraction (ASE)Ertaş, F. Nil; Ertaş, Hasan; Adıgüzel, M. Fırat
2002Determination of copper, lead and cadmium content of Turkish wine samples by potentiometric stripping analysisErtaş, F. Nil; Gaygısız, Handan
2006Determination of sterols in vegetable oil samplesErtaş, F. Nil; Ertaş, Hasan; Özdemir Yücel, Cemile
2006Determination of streptomycine in honey samplesErtaş, F. Nil; Ertaş, Hasan; Keskin, Tuğba
2009Identification studies for honey, grape syrup and fruit juice produced in Turkey by using HPLC and 13C/12C isotope ratiı mass spectrometric methodsErtaş, F. Nil; Ertaş, Hasan; Gümüştaş, Barış
2009Investigation of adsorption properties of spider silk and its usage in preconcentration of some metal ionsErtaş, F. Nil; Pelit, Levent
2010Optimization and validation of centri-voltammetric technique for ultratrace mercury analysis in natural samplesGökçel, H. İsmet; Ertaş, F. Nil; Ürkmez, İpek
2013Preparation of metal nanoparticles and/or metal film modified electrodes their characterization and electrochemical applicationsErtaş, F. Nil; Dursun, Zekerya; Elçi, Aydan
2014Spectrophotometric determination of molybdenum in natural water by using ionic liquidErtaş, F. Nil; Pelit, Levent; Göl Otukfalay, Dilek
2012The preparation of polyoxomolybdate modified electrodes and analytical applicationErtaş, F. Nil; Timur, Suna; Çakar, İrem
2009Voltammetric and chromatographic method development for pesticide residues in wine sampleErtaş, F. Nil; Okçu, Füsun
2003Voltammetric determation of heavy metals in clinical and food samplesErtaş, F. Nil; Okçu, Füsun