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2002An investigation of the metal-halogen exchance reaction of o-bromo substituted aromatic compoundsAstley, Demet; Şenoğul, Halil Barış
2002An investigation of the metal-halogen exchange reaction of o-chloro substituted aromatic compoundsAstley, Demet; Gezer, Sibel
2002An investigation of the metal-halogen exchange reaction of o-iodo substituted aromatic compoundsAstley, Demet; Çetin, Fatma
2014Preparation and activity of some new chiral compoundsAstley, Demet; Astley, Stephen T.; Korkmaz, Neslihan
2010Preparation of new chiral ligands and applications in asymmetric synthesisAstley, Demet; Astley, Stephen T. Astley; Koz, Gamze
2011Preparation of new chiral ligands derived from amino acids and metal complexesAstley, Demet; Özek, Kadir
2005Pyrimidine derivatives and metal complexesAstley, Demet; Doğaner, Gamze
2005Schiff base ligands derived from pyrimidine derivativesAstley, Demet; Kaya, Hale
2002Synhesis aromatic compounds containig functional groupAstley, Demet; Güçer, Şenay
2008Synthesis and reactions of chiral schiff basesAstley, Demet; Korkmaz, Neslihan
2004The preparation of biphenyl deritavites from the reaction of metallated aryls with aryl halidesAstley, Demet; Saygı, Hava
2009The Preparation of schiff bases and their complexes from naturally amino acidsAstley, Demet; Şen, Sibel
2013The synthesis of thiourea derivative of benzimidazole compounds and the investigation of their catalytic and biological activitiesAstley, Demet; Obaidi, Oday
2011The synthesise of catalyst for asymmetric reactionsAstley, Demet; Kaya, Birsen Begüm